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14 Useful Tips to Optimize Your PHP Script
05/27/2016 1:49 PM

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For the professional web developers, it is highly necessary to optimize their script at the beginning of their development process so that they can apply the changes without any issue. An optimized script will always help you to develop a better web service for your client. To write a perfectly optimized PHP code, you should try some useful tips.

Here in this article, you will get the information about optimizing your PHP code to get a perfect PHP script. These tips are provided from the point of view of a developer. Thus, you can find them practical and effective for your next PHP development project.

1. Use Native PHP Functions

You may feel excited in writing your own function while writing the codes, but using the native functions to prepare the code can be more useful for you as a developer. You can achieve your objective quickly and easily in this method. For example, if you want to get an array of the alphabet then you can use the range (b, k) in order to start the alphabets from b to k in a proper sequence. You can do the same if you need it once in your script. You should not try to declare a range with such values in the function and then return the same on its call.

2. Use The Right Str Functions

If you are a professional PHP developer, then you must know that str_replace works much faster than preg_replace. However, you should also aware the fact that strtr can work faster than str_replace. There is a factor of 4 that makes it faster.

3. Use Single Quotes

There are some developers who prefer to use double quotes while writing the PHP codes. However, you should know that using single quotes is always faster than using the double quotes. That means you should try to use (‘ ’) instead of (“ ”). This works faster when you want to keep the string inside it and try to avoid the variables. Double quotes check the presence of the variable, and it takes time.

4. Use = = =

If you wish to optimize your PHP code, then you should concentrate on using (= = =) instead of (= =). The former one works faster because it checks the closed range. You can work faster with such functions.

5. Calculate Once

You should try to calculate once and assign the value to the variables instead of having repeated calculation. This should be done when the value will be used for multiple times. It is better to calculate the same again and again every time you use it in the script.

6. Disable Debugging Messages

As a developer, you should understand that file operations are costly. That is the reason you must be careful about the debugging messages before you send the code to production. In case you have a lot of custom functions to get the errors as well as the warning during the procedure of development then you must remove them before you finally precede your codes.

7. Pass Reference To Function

When you are sure that it will not affect your logic, then you should try to pass the reference to the function. A function which is manipulating the reference can work faster than the functions that can manipulate the values. In the latter option, you are creating one more copy of the value which can make your script heavier.

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8. Create Classes As Per The Requirement

You should create the classes only if you feel that it is highly required. Creating classes and methods should be created by the developers only if it is needed. Make sure that you are going to use and reuse the same in future.

9. Use Caching Techniques

As a developer, you should know how to minimize the load of the database operations. You should use cache to lessen that load. This is important to reduce the script complications too. Memcache can be used to reduce the database load. You can use APC to upcode the caching.

10. Close The Connection

If you really want to optimize your PHP codes, then you must try to unset the variables as well as close the connection of the database in the code. It helps to save memory and makes the code works faster.

11. Switch Cases That You Use Frequently

Keep the frequently used switch cases on the upper part of your code. This will help you to find them and use them properly.

12. Use Methods In Derived Classes

Method works faster in derived classes than the base classes. You can see that the script with methods in derived classes can work in a speedier manner rather than the script that has methods in base classes.

13. Lessen Number Of Hits To Database

You should try to decrease the number of hits to the DB. You should also try to make queries aggregate to call the DB as less you can.

14. Use JSON

There are developers who use count( ), strlen( ), sizeof( ), but they should use isset() instead of them when they want to be sure that if the value returned is greater than zero.


As a professional and dedicated web developer, you must try to make your script fluent and fast. These tips mentioned above will help you to create a PHP code which can work faster and more efficient manner for your web applications you should try them in your next PHP development project for an optimized script. Find out the best PHP training institute in Chandigarh to get full knowledge about this subject.

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